asher's journal is...

a web-based record keeping application that allows parents, teachers, therapists, doctors and other caregivers the opportunity to connect and collaborate for the common goal of the patients health. The mash-up of home data collection, therapy session notes, treatment summaries and biomedical observations provides a new and unique approach to best treating the patient.

a great tool for...

  • parents
  • teachers
  • pediatricians
  • behavioral therapists
  • psychologists
  • dietitians
  • care givers
  • extended family


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professional endorsements

Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, MD, FAAP
"Asher's Journal is a fabulous tool that will allow you to document good (or bad) outcomes when you are introducing biomedical interventions along with changes in your behavioral modification program. Easy to use and just plain intuitive! This is a powerful program that will grow with you and your child and is the best of its type that I have worked with."
Dr. Katherine Falwell, PhD, BCBAD
"Responding to the overwhelming need for effective communication for multi-disciplinary professionals who treat children with developmental disabilities, Asher's Journal presents an invaluable tool for providers in order to facilitate collaboration and continuity of care. Behavior analysts, speech therapists, mental health professionals, teachers, and parents will find the information and forum a terrific resource for everyone to stay abreast of a child's progress across the developmental trajectory."